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Still stuck at home

So, by now people have been stuck at home in my country, and many others, for a week or more. So what are you doing? I was hoping that this would be an opportunity for me to catch up with a few things around the house and garden, but my continuing back problems have put the kaibosh on that.

So, today I re-read the latest copy of the Highway code, amongst other things. (You can get it online if you want.) Every driver should keep themselves abreast of changes and remind themselves of those things they thought they knew.

So, besides the internet, telly and playing my ukes, maybe you can suggest some other things I could do?

Seems everyone and his cousin is going online to try to livestream or post videoes. Some of them are good. But the parody songs to do with COVID19 are getting boring now. I have posted a few videoes and a livestream, but I’d done that before.

My sister tried to get the whole family together (me, my two brothers and her) on Whatsapp to do a live video link-up to my mum on Mother’s Day. I could have told her it wouldn’t work – the lag when you have that many people all trying to connect together is such that the system just wouldn’t let everyone in…. We had to speak later. So many people are using the internet, and then wondering why things are going slow. One of my brothers has said that his workplace’s IT system (which should be fine for up to 8,000 users) has been falling down regularly, but then, they do have a workforce of 40,000, all trying to work from home! Please, people, remember the older technology – phones (especially the landlines) are still generally working fine, and those of the older generation who don’t understand computers usually cope okay with them.

I won’t post any more information about the virus here. There is a lot of stuff out there, mostly false. I’m not going to add to it. Just make sure your source is reliable, people, and wash your hands.


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